Wedding for the second time, “therapy” wedding dress

The wedding dress has some sort of magical power, which makes it attractive for all women dress. Some women are so attached to the value of a wedding dress, be sure to sew it, exclusive, and do not take for hire. However, to understand modern girls always possible – for a wedding dress – it’s a special outfit. He is totally impractical, but very, very beautiful. It is every woman feel unique and unrepeatable. But this is, in fact, is one of the eternal desire of women – to be the sole, as well as to her outfits and were in one instance. Wedding Stage Decorators in Coimbatore

And what a wedding dress a magical effect on women, it confirms the fact that getting married is not the first time, many women still prefer to wear wedding again splendid dress, to feel beautiful and the best woman in the world. Some happily married women re-arrange a solemn informal event, sometimes for only one more day to stay bride dressed in wedding dress.

And it happens in our reality so often couples begin to live together, without any announcements about his world alliance. And currently live well, children are born, and at some point the sludge at the insistence of the parents, or at the request of the woman – suddenly decide to celebrate a wedding. Why not? Arrange a celebration – and even on this occasion – perfect! In addition, usually, by this time, the couple had time to get some capital to help implement almost any idea of ​​a wedding celebration. And the guests, in this case, a lot easier to come up with gifts for couples with children – in the list may be children’s products. As an example, the private story. From Kiev, 37-year-old Elena, she shared her story about the wedding, which decided to organize, when she was “deeply pregnant”:

“We are with my Paul never wanted a standard wedding. We had a great feel without these officially-pompous celebrations. We worked long and hard, bought an apartment, have established their business. Our happiness was traveling and hobbies: I – Yoga, he – motorcycles. But when was born 5 years ago Arinochka, I had to look at our relationships and unformed in the absence of my biography of the celebration, like a wedding, in a different way. Aric asked, looking at our pictures, “Where are you, my mother, in a white dress?” I laughed and said that we specifically waited until you grow up to see the festival in person. But it so happened that as soon as we have decided to arrange a wedding, found out that I was pregnant. And in the first months I have, unfortunately, had a terrible morning sickness. We decided to wait. And as soon as I felt better – we arrange the wedding. And I like the idea of no longer even in a position – at least, I immediately sent parents in the online shop of baby carriages in Kiev. I thought that such a gift for the wedding will be one of the best. I do not like meaningless pompous gifts like vases, or paintings. As for the typical wedding gifts: washing machines, and other equipment mikrovolonovok – we have all long ago. We were pleased to call for real people close to us – friends and relatives. All knew each other, and for us the wedding was not a “project for family” – namely our holiday. I chose the dress to fit my tummy. It was white and super elegant – neither I nor the guests did not embarrass my pregnancy – everything went very moving and incredibly romantic. Arusha was impressed. ”

Indeed, for the children to attend such celebrations – pure delight. After all, they see harmony and love between mom and dad, for them it is more important than any material assets. And of course, a purely childish, wedding parties they cannot come to mind: a lot of guests, music, delicious cakes and wedding cake, guests and relatives everywhere funny and elegant. So even if you are already married, try to repeat at least a chamber version of the wedding. This holiday and enjoy your children, and you will feel yourself again -romantichnoy bride and beautiful.

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