Two autumn colors for the wedding: blue and copper

Weddings in the fall always look very nice, not least thanks to the variety of the autumn palette. We invite you to consider for a wedding of color two spectacular colors: blue and copper. Wedding Stage Decorators in Coimbatore

Shades of blue

Of course, the color blue plays on the contrast with yellow, orange, green and reddish shades of autumn foliage. He blue can be deep and dramatic. It is interesting to look at people with different skin color and hair. It can be adjusted to suit your type of appearance.

Blue relent if its lighten. Combined in sea green, red and gold accentuate the shades of hair. Pritemnenny blue or indigo, will be advantageous just look at the dark hair. A versatile color «navy» will to face every groom.

Correctly playing off the blue

By itself, the blue looks as opposed to ocher tones. Excellent contrast him up a couple of pumpkin-yellow and orange. And it is easy to realize: the details of dresses Molène will look spectacular against the backdrop of golden leaves, and the room utensils, vases, tablecloths and napkins blue sparkle with autumn bouquet. But in this case, it should be remembered that the warm color, we make just to emphasize the blue. They do not have to argue.

Also, you can beat the Blue, emphasizing its cool shades: blue, blue, indigo, aquamarine, dark blue. The refinement of this coloristic bring silver, gold, bronze details. Add affection bright blue: color powder, pale coral, the color of coffee with milk, mint green.

Color copper foliage

Well look, as the main wedding color, shades of red. He red looks very challenging. Yellow and orange are several lost against the background of autumn leaves. Therefore, we recommend that you look for such colors as burgundy, carmine, burgundy, rusty, sangria, copper and terracotta.

These tones sufficient contrast to the fall colors, but in a close range of colors that will not create dissonance. On the contrary, present a colorful picture of the autumn palette. And everyone can choose the shade that to face him.

We support the red tone

Featured shades of color red for a wedding somewhat muted. They can emphasize the brighter colors: orange, warm yellow, the color green foliage.

And more muted: chocolate, pale yellow, light green, beige, the color of natural wood, ocher, reds with a hint of purple. All these colors create a warm mood. It will help you to realize natural materials: decorative branches, baskets, compositions from leaves, flowers, berries, apples and pumpkins.

It should be noted that the tone of blue and copper colors and can be combined together. Main harmonious palette and choose to focus yet on any one color.

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