Sharpen using a telephoto lens

Sharpen using a telephoto lens. Sharpness when using telephoto lens to start to define the concept of “sharpness” in the photos. To do this, remember how far located facility looks when approaching it with binoculars, if the sharpness is set up correctly, the image can be seen clearly, you can see the smallest details, and if not – the picture is blurred.

Now on to the telephoto lens itself. The range of its application is quite wide: it is possible to shoot sporting events, landscapes, wildlife, portraits. The main advantage of long lens – the ability to take pictures of distant objects and getting pictures taken as if in emphasis.

Sharpen using a telephoto lens

There is one “but” when using long lenses: if not configured the camera most of the staff will have a lack of sharpness. How to increase the sharpness of the images when shooting telephoto lens, try to find out in this review.


The sharpness of the image depends on the settings of the diaphragm. Most of the lens when shooting with wide-open aperture give the effect of a soft image, in other words, blur it. To avoid this, you need to close the aperture one or two stops, i.e., choose f / 5.6 or f / 8.

When photographing birds and animals or sporting events, be sure to set a sufficient depth of field.


This lens is rather heavy, with the camera the whole structure can weigh half a kilogram, and even more. Photographing “with hands”, camera shake cannot be avoided, and therefore, it is important to choose the right setting such as exposure. To the picture is clear, the shutter speed should be shorter than the focal length, such as the focal length of 250 mm, the shorter the exposure put 1 / 500c, 1 / 1000s, and the like. This will “freeze” the frame.

If you shoot with the camera kropnutyh sensor (APS-C), where an increase in the image goes to 1.5 times the Nikon and 1.6 times in the Canon, keep in mind that the focal length is the same times longer, and therefore, the shutter speed should be set even shorter.


Increase the sensitivity ( the ISO ) will make a more clear picture, of course, there can be “noise”, but in the subsequent processing of photos with them will be easier to handle, than to sharpen the blurred image.

Stand for long lens


To improve the image quality will allow the use of stabilization (VR or IS) when shooting handheld. If such a function is in the lens, do not forget to include it.

When using a tripod, image stabilization should disable the contrary, as it may cause camera shake and therefore reduce the sharpness of the picture.

We hope that the recommendations given in the review will help to achieve greater sharpness when shooting a long lens, experiment with the settings and wish you a lot of good shots!

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