Making delicate wedding mint color

“That’s the idea!” – Exclaim someone – “Bride in green – right in korobchonke frog!” And in vain! It mint color and color saturation – like emerald green grass as well as dandelion looks like a rose. Watercolor-transparent light blue or air pale green no relation to the fabulous wash has no! This color touching and romantic, because it will be appropriate, although unusual in the spring and summer wedding.

Mint shades are original and at the same time are not bright. They easily fit into any trendy style, ranging from retro and vintage, ending with contemporary trends. Combining the color of mint or with warm or cold palette can achieve amazing effect and create your own direction, becoming a role model.

We combine mint colors with other colors

Do you like saturated colors: purple-red, blue, white, yellow, lilac or purple? Soft mint underline their active, bright start. If you prefer pastel colors: dark gray, olive, beige – Green menthol profitable set off them. The perfect combination of classic mint coral, peach, and gold, wine tinged with tones of fuchsia. A blue mint better in league play with cool colors: pale blue, purple, deep blue. But the most spectacular minty color looks on the contrast with black and white fabrics.

For a spring wedding choose the classic mint color (with pearl or gray shades), for summer – add a bright yellow parts for winter – fiery red blotches, and for fall – purple or brown additions. Win-win situation – mint gold, pale peach color, pale turquoise or pink. Wedding Stage Decorators in Coimbatore

Menthol tone – the trend in wedding fashion. Collection Vera Wang, Monique have menthol dresses. And if the color of the White Mountain peaks you feel sad, it is possible that air wedding dresses colored spring freshness created especially for you.

Choosing the right tone

Choosing outfit mint color, you have to think a shade that matches you. Brunettes are good in light blue tones, brown suit, rich green hues, and the blonde are excellent in the darkest color variations of mint.

We select accessories

This unexpected wedding flowers will be luxurious if its stress precisely-matched details mint color. Green clutch, belt or veil will add flavor to the wedding image. Menthol shoes, elegant wreath, gloves and stockings not only complement the attire of the bride, but also dispel recent doubts about the choice of the main colors of the wedding.

Jeweler made of malachite, emerald, turquoise, green, and sapphire – a final touch to the image of the bride.

Dress Up Groom

A rare man chooses for a wedding suit mint color. Yes, this is not worth doing at all! Color tenderness let prevails only in the dress of the bride, the groom is enough to choose one piece of menthol shade. Let this be the original tie or butterfly.

You can offer the strongest menthol vest, shirt or shoes. And the color of the suit is to simply be combined with the main shade of the dress of the bride. It can be pearl-gray, chocolate, cream and a white color. A tiny detail – menthol cufflinks are the best complement to the suit.

Girlfriend, witnesses and guests

Theme wedding guests should be known in advance, at least – will find accessories in the color, as a maximum – the bridesmaids and groomsmen can have time to don the mint-colored dress and jacket, respectively. If you have difficulty with clothes, pick up shoes, belts, jewelry.

Mint bridal bouquet

The basis of a bouquet of white flowers is better to take, supplementing them with silk ribbons and exotic herbs (eucalyptus, cineraria). Adding to the snow-white buds succulents, you can get the perfect combination, so appropriate to the theme of the celebration. Groom’s boutonniere should appear as a continuation of the bouquet.

Wedding procession

Find a car in mint colors – virtually an impossible dream. If you are lucky, the car opened and a mint before you its doors mint, you – certainly lucky! But modern foreign car, decorated with balloons, toys, garlands corresponding color is fine. The car will be transformed and will become eligible part of your celebration.

Making room

If you choose the color of mint as the main decoration in the room, you get the picture will look more like a sterile room for operations than for the wedding feast. Therefore, let the basic tone will be neutral (white, purple), and the color accents – mint. Cushion rings, candles, banquet cards, decorated bottle of champagne will be pleasant trifles, creating a unique atmosphere. They fit perfectly in a variety of styles of the banquet hall.

Marine style

Fanciful shell, fabulous corals, fishing nets, sails filled with sea breeze – the parts made in the mint color, fill a room fragrance wedding seas.

Retro Style

Picking up the old sets, napkin holders, furniture (if it is artificially aged and color), you can achieve amazing combination – synthesis of ancient and modern trends, the line between them is blurred and not felt at all.

Eco style

Natural materials: branches, floral arrangements with the addition of mint shades will look touching and charming.

Traditional Wedding

If there is no particular preference in the choice of style for decorating the hall, just set up the mint accents: Card holder, menthol napkins, candles, and floral bouquets, chair covers, glasses for the newlyweds. Transparent vase with water in which a little twitch live mint leaves will be thin strokes wedding with a touch of mint.

Wedding table

Choosing to drink mint wedding table, do not forget about the cocktails or the Kuroshio Blue Mojito and some food garnish with mint sprigs. Mints and sweets would be appropriate. Cake should continue selected theme celebration. Its taste may be different, but the decoration – mint frosting, whipped cream, drops pills may be the final chord of the wedding.


A wedding with a touch of fresh mint. Why not? Your holiday will be unusual, its amazing shade remembered for long, and you will be called the most creative newlyweds.

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