Interview with Oksana Flanagan and Brian Worley

Especially for popular in Hollywood wedding planner Brian Worley and director of the American Academy of Wedding Oksana Flanagan shared their knowledge, in fact planned Western-style wedding and gave farewell to the future newlyweds… Wedding Stage Decorators in Coimbatore

How did you get into the wedding business?

Oksana: organizational activity, I started working with the planning of professional conferences. Prior to his own business, I worked in Fortune 50 corporations and, at the same time, he has been vice president of professional development at the American Society of Women Engineers, where we organize an annual conference (in a national conference attended by more than 5000 people). Because of its diversified activities, I worked a lot with successful and public personalities. I often see the same picture: held in the career men and women found a half after 35 years, when they have reached a fairly high level of success (big business people, political leaders). Despite the huge budgets of their celebrations, they were not satisfied with the mundane places for weddings and with zeal defended their privacy from the watchful eye of the media and the public (which not every wedding planner could provide). These criteria, and became the basis of my business: the extravagant wedding of a castle in Ireland with a guarantee of complete confidentiality to clients.

Brian: I never thought that the career opportunities of what I do. With 12 years I design clothes. My designs are sold in stores across the state of Texas. I thought then that I wanted to be a fashion designer. And when my sister got married, I was involved in the design of her dress, and it was great. Then I moved to Los Angeles, wanted to be an actor. I drove a few TV shows that I was allowed to be a little actor, but be yourself. I take part in almost all the wedding TV show.

In Los Angeles at the time I worked at banana republic store in Beverly Hills, and met a guy who was involved in organizing the events. I do not earn much in the store and tried to figure out what to do with my career. I started working with him at the event. We have created a company together. Unfortunately, he turned out to be not ethical business partner and stealing funds of the company, so I left the joint business. At the time, I worried that I do now, how will I earn a living. But I am convinced that everything in life does not happen in vain. Just a week later I got a call a large production company, which was engaged in film premieres and other huge events. I was very glad I got a job in this amazing company and one of my first projects was the event the premiere of “Harry Potter” in New York. It was a great opportunity for me to learn. I had the feeling that I got a master’s degree after these the events. I was engaged in planning a variety of large parties and they were all so different, that’s what helped me to turn my career in the direction in which I am now.

I love my job and I meet interesting people. I always tell my clients that they should not only be a pleasure to work with me, and I with them. I say this especially to their brides. Whether you’re planning a wedding or another event – a celebration. When I’m planning a wedding, the bride I spend more time than she spends with the other member of the family, planning a wedding. Usually, we get too close and become friends for years to come. And it is a relationship like. For me, literally no better time when I’m giving the bride a bouquet before she goes to the altar. I always feel as if I send her younger sister to the altar.

When my younger sister was getting married, she gave me full control of her wedding, as she finished medical education and was busy. I helped with the design of her dress, attended the show textile … She had no idea how it will look like a wedding. And after she got married, we spent a few minutes together before the feast: just the two of us. And it was very touching to give her the opportunity to holiday. She burst into tears, and I was pleased that I was able to do for her. And each of my bride, I’m like her younger sister. I help create a magical day for her, which she had long dreamed.

When did you realize that it is time the accumulated knowledge to the masses? And how much it is important for you to share their experiences?

Oksana: I believe it is the duty of every person – to make a feasible contribution according to their abilities and their zones of influence. Therefore, we share our experience and knowledge that are so eager to representatives of the wedding industry. We aim to help the development of the most experienced wedding industry of the world outside the US and to raise the level of professionalism of experts from different countries. We are in any case do not impose our vision and approach in organizing weddings Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, or any other country, and want to share many years of experience of the American wedding industry, which took place more weight steps and before Brian and joined the field activities. Judging by the enormous demand from specialists from Eastern Europe to the information, the competent professional organization and beautiful weddings are now very popular among the customers who want a gentle ceremony as in a Hollywood movie, and that express all the personal preferences of the couple.

Why is it important to have a wedding organizer?

Bryan: First of all, it’s just common sense that the organizer of the bride relieve unnecessary stress to groom could enjoy their day, which she planned for so long. Plus, everyone needs a positive person with whom you are planning a wedding. Preparations for the wedding should be fun and it is important to have someone on whom you can rely on, who can make sure that all the details are correct, that the bride can relax and enjoy your wedding day. For these reasons, the wedding planner is very necessary. Second, many believe that the wedding organizer adds costs. In fact, the organizer can “stretch” the budget so that the couple afford more. We are constantly working with the same contractors. When I work with permanent contractors we have a completely different attitude. For example, during the year I attract the same specialist lighting. I want my every event was exceptional and exceeded expectations of the couple. And if the couple on a limited budget highlighting, I can always ask your contractor and say, “In this budget I have the regular price on the backlight, but I will give more customers.” Therefore, when the bride planning a wedding yourself, it appeals to contractors once, and they have no opportunity to make allowances because she repeated to them did not appeal. Therefore, if you’re wedding planner experienced and capable, he can get more service for a limited amount of money.

Oksana: Preparations for the wedding should be fun and it is important to have someone on whom you can rely on, who can make sure that all the details are correct, that the bride can relax and enjoy your wedding day. For these reasons, the wedding planner is very necessary. Most brides who are planning a wedding, getting married for the first time and have no idea about how to create an elegant event for themselves and their guests. Listen to the organizers of the wedding. They have experience in planning events of different levels, and they can show you what ideas are successful and which are not. It is impossible to be both the bride and the coordinator in one at his own wedding. You do not cope with any role at 100 per cent, as the organizer and coordinator definitely miss something, do not have time … As the bride will not be able to fully enjoy this day and definitely scared tired. Even if you decide on what to plan and prepare your own wedding, the day of the celebration definitely hire a professional coordinator who will control everything. Or at least draw on these responsibilities friend or relative who proinstruktiruete advance.

From what the newlyweds a start, which, under certain circumstances, still dare to organize a wedding in the home?

Oksana: Selfless bride decided to plan the wedding of their own, must be willing to let go of some of their control and partly rely on others. It is difficult, but not having professional experience in the organization of such a bride threaten sleepless nights filled with experiences. So decide what you need to do personally, and that can be charged close. An important factor in the success of “division of labor” – a puzzle of his assistants, according to their interests and abilities. Close people always want to help you, you just have reasonably allocate responsibilities. The mistake many brides – do not involve the preparation of the groom. The future husband were enthusiastic, if ozadachat search DJ and much bored if he will get the color coordination table cloths and napkins. If family members help you with the payment, it is reasonable to allow them to learn at least the initial aspect of the paid services. Do not overload one assistant multitask. Do not let everything take its course, but do not overdo it with the control: regular contact with his aides and unobtrusively monitor, whether things are moving in the right direction. The most important thing – think of with gratitude to his assistants. Remember – it’s not your employees, it is close to people who are not all the same, and how your wedding day will.

How much time should start preparing for the wedding?

Oksana: In America, a wedding planning for the year is the minimum period – 6 months. The earlier start preparations for the celebration, the greater the chance to order those services, those sites and the contractors who want you, but do not choose one of those who remain.

How to avoid unpredictable situations on the most important day in your life?

Brian: Unexpected situations can happen always and everywhere, but they can be prevented, try to avoid, and therefore need to attract experienced professionals to planning a wedding, to minimize the possibility of adverse situations. I always tell my bride: the wedding day nor offered on a pedestal, because if you will idealize marriage and to strive for perfection, you’ll be disappointed. Nothing is perfect. Always there are situations when something goes wrong, as planned.

Your ideal wedding, what should it be?

Brian: The most important thing in the wedding – its uniqueness and otherness to any other. It is important that the wedding preparations she captured the essence of the bride and groom and their personal preferences. It seems to me that the wedding should be a kind of echo, the couple who, as a couple, and the wedding is to give an incredible experience to friends and family who share a touching event with the newlyweds. Every wedding should be the same unique as the couple who marry.

Oksana: When is the wedding individually conceived exclusively to “draw” feature pairs in the decoration, in a mood of celebration and everything that guests see, that’s what makes the triumph of emotional, touching and memorable. Why visitors do stunned the beauty of some weddings? Because they recognize the personal and the individual characteristics of the newlyweds in every detail of their celebration.

What parting advice you give the bride and groom?

Brian: Bride just need to enjoy the day. She was planning a wedding a few months and she and her husband need to enjoy all that she has chosen to celebrate their events: music, food, room. It is necessary to enjoy the day, or later they will not even remember the taste of food.

Oksana: I always advise the bride and groom plan your day just the way they want it themselves. Unfortunately, the whole environment has an opinion how to do this or that. Sometimes parents insist on points that are undesirable for honeymooners or radically unacceptable. Do not try to please everyone around because there will always be those who are saying something is not satisfied. In the first place, please themselves, to look at their pictures and not to think with regret that you would have done differently. Do not go on about the trends and patterns. Make it your day that meets your tastes, your outlook and personality.

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