How to remove the sunsets

How to shoot sunsets right The last rays of the sun leaving for horizon create a special mood and transform the world around us. Sometimes the sunsets are so beautiful that simply cannot tear my eyes, and even more eager to share this beauty with others, remembering her.

To photograph the sunset is beautiful, it is necessary to know some of the subtleties of camera settings, select a song. It is with this we shall understand now.

How to remove the sunsets?

Beautiful sunsets on their own – a rarity. Spectacular photo may be only in the presence of clouds, smoke or dust in the air. To photograph the sunset is quite difficult, because the color and brightness constantly changing, the clouds move. Try to make as many shots, because you will have no more than half an hour to shoot.

Lonely sun on the horizon – a boring frame, if not supplement it with other objects, such as, for example, trees, silhouettes, people, buildings. Correctly placing them in the foreground, you will attach photos expressiveness. How to take pictures of sunsets

Photographing the sunset, be sure to use a tripod, the image to be clearer. The standard delay for this shooting – 1-2 seconds, while taking pictures with it and expect that they will receive high-quality photos, it is not necessary.

Sunset’s shooting rules

How to remove the sunset? Set the focus to infinity manually or select landscape mode, auto focus, do not use – it is of little avail when photographing sunsets. Focus should be on the horizon, not at the sun, as this may damage the camera. Now use the AE lock button, which is usually referred to as “AE Lock» or labeled with an asterisk. Empirically pick up a range of exposures. Take a few shots. Then lock the exposure for the sky and the darker ground, start shooting.

How to remove the sunset

Do not get hung up on shooting exclusively of sunset, look around – the last rays of the sun give the space around you a special warm glow, transforming everything around. During sunset obtained incredibly beautiful landscapes and portraits – experiment!

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