Gifts for guests at the wedding

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At the wedding ceremony the newlyweds nice not only to accept gifts, but also to give them. So thank relatives and friends for what they are next to you on this special day. Gifts for guests can be divided into 3 categories: helpful, pleasant and sweet. They combine features of the package. Guests should remember, is associated with some event gift. Therefore, special attention is paid to the design of the wrapper with a commemorative inscription, label, engraving, embossing and so on. Wedding Stage Decorators in Coimbatore

Useful gifts

Useful gifts bring not only fun, but also benefit in the future. Most often they will need to spend money, so I think about how much money can allocate from the budget of the wedding. The easiest, but the most useful gift is the usual match in an unusual package. The highlight of the gift is its memorable individual boxes. Remember, for any gift, his main meaning of memorabilia, related to a particular date. Most often, as useful gifts presented: bottle openers, flash drives, compasses, trample clothes, etc… That can come in handy on the farm, but a compact, versatile, satisfying all tastes.

A separate line is to write about living plants. A popular idea is to give guests sprouts evergreen plants, succulents and cacti. The catch is that not all your guests know how to love and care for plants. Pre-buy or re-pot sprouts in a nice box, and choose plants that do not require a lot of attention. The most unpretentious include: aloe, haworthias, Sansevieria, Jade, monantes, doodles, young, Echeveria, Echinoids, Echinocactus and others. Your guests will only have to put the box on the table and occasionally watered.

Nice gifts

Nice gifts – gifts for the soul. Those who cause a smile and joyful emotions. In this case, you have complete freedom of action, as appropriate options set. The most simple: the bags of herbal mixtures (you can make yourself), bath salts, sparklers, firecrackers. Particularly memorable souvenirs will be in the form of horseshoes for good luck, icons, miniature paintings and photographs, with a pleasant musical drive selection, collectible envelopes with tea or coffee.

Sweet gifts

Sweet gifts can be part of the wedding feast. It is unlikely that your guests will keep them. For the daryatsya to eat them quickly and have fun. Wedding cookies, cakes, handmade chocolates, fruit – such sweets, guests can enjoy immediately, at the ceremony. But you can bring a: candy and lollipops in a beautiful package, jars of jam and honey, souvenirs made of figured chocolate. You can also give ordinary mint lozenges in original packaging.

Whatever gift you choose, the important thing to make its appearance its individuality. Even ordinary paper handkerchiefs will be carefully preserved, if they would like the inscription: “From Dashi and Pasha with love in our most happy day!”

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