Attire for the bride during the cold season

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End of autumn, winter, and early spring is not the most popular time for weddings. Just for the reason that in this time of year is cool – this creates discomfort, and reduces the time for a photo shoot outdoors. Brides uncomfortable most of all – they have to be beautiful at any temperature. We will give some tips on how to look glamorous bride and keep warm. Wedding Stage Decorators in Coimbatore

Closed Dress

Closed wedding dress with elegant sophistication. They are sewn from a more dense tissue, so that the characteristics of the lines cut and given special attention. Silhouette can vary. It is mandatory long sleeve long or three-quarters. But you can play with the top. Someone to face stand-up collar, someone open neck and shoulders. Restraint attire can vary lace, embroidery, decoration crystals, pearls or beads. Choose what you like and fits your appearance.

Sweater top dress

Pay attention to such an option, as the sweater. Of course, it’s not wool and brown that grandma knitted. It is desirable that the sweater was not fat, but warm. Color select white, milk or give preference bright shades.

From everyday garment its differences exquisite embroidery, appliques and crystals may inscription «Bride». The perfect combination – an interesting sweater and fluffy skirt. Stylishly will look narrower and white pants. Impressive and unusual.

Special chic-coat

In the week of the wedding fashion Bridal Fall 2015, special attention was drawn to the unconventional, but very interesting item of clothing – wedding coat. White elegant coat with refined decoration in itself – a work of art, and can be a substitute for a wedding dress. It is beautiful, comfortable and warm. But the dress under a coat may be shortened. Based on that, in what form you will be more comfortable in the place of the gala dinner.

Wedding cloak

The task of the wedding robe – to cover the shoulders, arms and back from the cold wind. It hides the bride only half, does not hide its beauty. Cape may have the classic look: sleeveless, with a hood and drawstrings. It looks like a dress-coat: with sleeves and a zipper on the chest.

As well as a coat-cape – shorter cape with slits for the arms. Depending on the style gowns, robe length may be different. Short version is preferable to look straight silhouette and flared from the bottom of the knee.

In winter, the bride can look charming, without wearing a translucent dress. Insulate: red nose, blue lips and hands nobody paint. Do not forget items such as gloves, scarves, funny hats. And remember, no matter what option you choose, the main thing that the bride’s feet in cold weather was warm!

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