A wedding in the style of silent film

Many people like the old silent movie – the brightness of the emotions, sensations sincerity, ability to interpret facial expressions meaning, according to their own experiences. We invite you to arrange a wedding in the style of silent films 20-30s years. The wedding turned out cheerful, funny, a little bit fussy, and very stylish. Wedding Stage Decorators in Coimbatore

A place for the main stage

Depending on your imagination and possibilities to beat the situation celebrations can be different. Rent theme cafe, if there is one in your area, will facilitate the task in terms of design. On the screen can display a selection of movies with Charlie Chaplin. Plus silent film is that it will not cover the music, and all the scenes speak for themselves. Cheerful mood you provided, because your guests will be able at will to distract from conversation and a good laugh.

Rent a conventional hall, it gives you scope for individual design. It may be just posters and pictures of old movie, but even better to process in Photoshop portraits of your family in the spirit of the 20s, and the black-and-white to hang within the hall. Guests will be pleasant and fun. An excellent idea to a large projection screen. You can show your guests or video film history with their participation. Tension screen is very appropriate if celebrating a triumph in the street. And if you have selected a cheerful company of youth, you can rent a small cinema and a triple reception.

Retro mood

To create the right mood, you need to take care of the details. Let’s start with invitations. We make them as old posters of tickets to the cinema, stylized reel or “cracker” with the numbers double.

The best option is to rent a car in retro style. It is ideal for the image of the entire ceremony and diversify your photo session. Entertain guests in style photoshoot “kinobudki.” Use movie memorabilia in the design of the main tables and sweet – a wedding cake.

Making movies

We think through scenes and shoot black and white film with your guests. Invitations, distribute applets or scripts, with prescribed roles. Do not forget to appoint a “director” to give him a megaphone. His task is to run around and scream at all. Feature silent film – fussiness and exaggerated emotions.

If you confuse your guests like shooting, they just can record my congratulations to the camera. Use a card with signatures to express feelings. In any case, it will be interesting and exciting.

Create images

Of course, the bride and groom should set the right tone in the selection of dresses. Bride of the time – women rock. Short hair, thin eyebrows arch, bright lips. Style 20X provides a good excuse to put on a shortened bride dress and not necessarily white, which she later used in another context. Also suitable vintage dress to the floor, with lace, crystals, beads and trim. In the image, ideal for Fata bandana or bezel. The groom can clothe in a frock coat, vest, and slacks. Complement butterfly, a wide tie, hat, gloves, and a cane.

Guests can drive a black and white dress code. Desirable outfits in style 20-40h years: dress knee or just below, hats, gloves, fans, vests, bow ties, bowler hats, canes. To make things easier, rent theaters similar accessories. By skddecorators.com – Chaplin mustache.

The wedding celebration in the style of silent film, beautiful newlyweds the chance to feel yourself in the place of the protagonists. And your guests, take a walk on the original and colorful wedding, full of humor, irony and good mood.

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